i got to visit not one...not two...but three little babies today.  triplets.  amazing.  spontaneous triplets.  unbelievable.

it is unreal what our bodies do and crazy what they can withstand.

i was finishing my book, taking charge of your fertility.  and one of the last little blurbs was "knowledge is power"...which i kind of couldn't believe, because right as i started reading the book i wrote this post...in which i said the same thing.

but it's true.  knowledge is power.  and power over your body is amazing.  and the body is an amazing thing.  

i have a feeling this is our month....



  1. I am "Our Young Warrior"/s Nana. Your responses to my daughter's blog led me to want to read yours. You are a special one with insight my dear and your dream will be fulfilled. Perhaps not exactly when YOU feel the timing is right but when God does. And then...it will be even more perfect. In the meantime live in faith that God is in control! Thank you for being a comfort to my daughter.

  2. Can't wait to convince you to have a natural birth! ;) The body is amazing!

  3. I just discovered your blog as my husband was googling prometruim :). Love your honesty and I hope this is your month too!


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