26 weeks and random events.

no chalkboard pic this week.  we'll have to settle for this mirror pic because jake just wasn't around when i needed the pic.
14 more weeks of growth?  i'm scared.
inanimate comparisoni couldn't find this info. any more.  i guess the baby has outgrown the size of any common vegetable.  but, he/she weighs about two pounds now!
maternity clothes? oh yes.
stretch marks? none yet!  please...stay away!
sleep: lots of tossing.  lots of turning.  lots of peeing.
best moment this week:  coming home to a perfectly painted nursery!!  and also seeing family for my grandma's 80th.  she gave me a little something special for the nursery [see below].
miss anything? bending.
movement:  non stop and very low.
food cravings:  nothing specific.
anything making you queasy or sicknot lately.
gender: still a surprise.  the survey has favored girl up until now.  boy is winning.
labor signs:  i would not consider them labor signs [i hope] but i get some sort of charlie horse feeling really low every now and then.  or...maybe that's a contraction.  these are questions for my doc on thursday.
symptoms:  my back hates me.  see the picture above and the dip in my lower back?  ya, i think that's why.
belly button in or out?  in.  for now...teetering on being out.
wedding rings on or off?  on...but sort of bugging me lately.
 happy or moody most of the time: happy, with moments of tearfulness.  mainly because i just want to be a home-body lately.
looking forward to: hearing a heartbeat on thursday.  working on the nursery more.  putting together a crib!! 

here are some pics of the nursery and other random events...

oh, p.s....congrats to mr. menz on his promotion at work!! 
 just in time for baby.  super proud!

the pic doesn't show the true paint color.  there is more green to it.  this shows up very gray.
my mom gave me that hope chest for my graduation.  trying to decide if it stays in the nursery.
my grandma had this handmade rocking horse in one of the rooms at her townhouse for as long as i can remember.  we used to play on it and when i was there for her birthday, she offered it to me.  i l.o.v.e. it!!
another angle.  not sure of the room set-up yet.
my gorgeous aunts and my dad with my grandma.
'80 reasons why we love you'.  the cutest book, created by my aunt gigi.  and that woman, my grandma, does not have a mean bone in her body.  she's the sweetest lady in the world.  no joke.
yep.  i parked there...for the first time.
i had my first o'doole's on the trip.  it tasted like beer.  i can't say that i really miss beer.

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  1. Your baby is the size of an English hothouse cucumber :) Babycenter.com has a comparison for each week up until 38.


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