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so i didn't exactly reveal that, at my 18 week ultrasound, the sonographer was unable to see certain anatomy...or more specifically, very important parts of the heart.  when the doctor told me this at the follow up appointment, i heard "heart" and "unable to find" and the rest just tuned to babble, like "wah wah wah".  so i'm not even sure what it was that couldn't be seen and i'm glad i didn't know because i certainly would have gone home and gotten google happy [or sad].  regardless, doc assured me that it was most likely too early to see what they needed to see or the baby's position wasn't ideal for viewing.

so [oh darn] i got a bonus ultrasound.  yay!  and, as it turns out...everything is there.  right where it should be.  praise the lord.

some facts:
baby is measuring right at about 22.5 weeks (right on target)
baby weighs approximately 1 lb 3 oz (yay...i have a 1 lb baby!!)
my belly is measuring right on too
i did not look at the scale 
i have a new found obsession with cottage cheese
oh....and rice krispy treats.
next u/s is at 32 weeks!!!

[some of these are similar pics with minor little differences.]

oh, hi.

i love that belly.  weird how different the profile can look.
from left: abdomen, knobby knees, shins, feet.  you decide what might be in the middle.


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  1. i'm super happy your little one (and you) are doing so well! and i'd have to say that i see no little "thang" in the crotch shot. just sayin. ;)


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