i'm blogging from panera right now...because march madness has taken over my house.  right now, there are four t.v.s broadcasting basketball throughout the menz residence and all of jake's best buddies are shouting at them.

am i complaining?  not really.  i get a day to treat myself:  have lunch alone (which i never do), shop around for baby stuff and just...be.

but i wanted to share a pic of the glider, which came friday.  the delivery service had me on lock-down with a time frame of 12-3.  and when did they show?...about 2:45.  but, again...am i complaining?  no.  i had an excuse to catch up on dvr.  oh ... and clean the house ... for jake's party ... top to bottom.

i have to thank my mom for this generous gift and addition to the nursery.  it is so perfect and increadibly comfy.  i c a n ' t  w a i t to rock a little menz to sleep in this chair.  thanks, mom.

with a paint sample.  i'm going to love it, i know!
 and i will leave you with this picture of my hunk of a nephew.  
i mean...could rolls be any cuter?  no.  no way.


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  1. How exciting!! Your day out and about sounds like so much fun :) That glider is awesome and your little nephew is so stinkin' cute :)


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