frump in the trunk.

if i were being honest ... i would say that i haven't exactly felt "beautiful" lately.

some say that they've never felt more attractive than when they were pregnant.  don't get me wrong ... i love being pregnant, but do i feel like i look better than ever?  not exactly.  the most difficult thing about pregnancy ... i'd have to say, for me, is getting used to the changes in my body. 

i wasn't a freak about working out pre-pregnancy, but i did pretty well.  i loved going to step class [which is an excellent workout] and i made myself "move" at least 4-5 times a week.  cut to ... 6 weeks in to my pregnancy, when i learned i had a hemorrhage.  my doctor told me not to do any strenuous activity [or basically anything that would cause me to break a sweat].  was she being a little conservative?  ...yes, she admitted it.  but with my previous miscarriage paired with the possible implications of a sub-chorionic hemorrhage ... she wasn't taking any chances and neither was i!  with that said, i really didn't move my body as much as i'd hoped to.  then, by the time it was "safe" to, i was afraid it actually wouldn't be safe to just dive right back into my old routine.  so...walking it was, for me.

here's the catch:  i feel better when i walk but my back hates me for it.  by the end of a 2 mile walk around the neighborhood, it feels like my lower back is caving in on itself.  stretching does help though.

so...with feeling a little extra frumpy lately, it has been difficult to get dressed and feel cute.  this, paired with winter white arms and legs just makes me want to get a spray tan.  i live for summer tans and sun-dresses.  and, this year, i may not get much of either.  this leads me to the frumpy maternity look... which i am bound and determined to avoid.

don't get me wrong, maternity clothes sure have come a long way from muumuus and tent dresses with large bows [was that their attempt at distracting from the tent-look?].

 so here are a few of my tips for maternity-wear:

1.  form fitting is best to say bye bye to frump [target has some great 'long and lean' tanks that aren't actually maternity but are great for layering] - $8
2.  the regular old maxi dress is a life-saver [especially if you haven't gotten a tan yet!]  i live in maxi dresses, so even non-maternity maxis work if the length is right
3.  i love the full panel pants...they actually give the belly support
4.  old navy maternity, gap maternity and mama by h&m have been life savers!!
5.  long tops are good because they hug and don't threaten to show your pants panel or bare belly hanging out the bottom

and finally......i'm, sort of, dreading pool season and i've been drooling over bikinis that i can't buy.  i could brave it like my friend, marge, and bare belly at the pool, but i don't think i have it in me.  kudos to her [and her 5'8'' frame and model legs] though.  so, instead, i've purchased a "stylish" one-piece from kohl's.  let's face it...i will not be small by then.  come memorial weekend, you can find my wading in the waters of the neighborhood pool in this bad boy that rivals any bikini found on the cover of sports illustrated.

thst's hot.



  1. You should talk to your doctor about per-natal yoga. I did it once a week for 8 weeks. You would be surprised how much it helps with aches and confidence. In the end I think it helped with labor.

  2. I can totally relate...no activity at all...felt like a lard! But, loved being a beached whale in a raft, in the pool, in the sun. A tan does wonders I tell ya...oh and find a mesh raft that allows for you to lay on your belly in the pool so you can tan the backside and feel cozy on your belly.;)

  3. I expect to see you at the pool this summer. Take one for the team and hang out with Crosby and I...that is what teachers do. And Abbey is right...oh what a tan can do for the soul.


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