how is it april?

april 1, 2011 | i played an april fool's joke on jake.  he called me on his way home from work to ask if aunt flow had come to visit that day.  i said, "yes...unfortunately".  he said, "next month". 
a p r i l f o o l s.  when he got home, there was a positive pregnancy test waiting for him.

i think fondly of that little heartbeat and wish that we could have made it to where we are now with this m&m...and beyond.  but, i have to remember that there's a plan in there somewhere.  what a difference a year makes.

27 weeks today.  helllloooooo THIRD trimester?  what?!?  how?!


we ordered a crib!!  in espresso.
and don't worry...i think i've changed my mind on baby girl bedding again.
**and thank goodness for the book baby bargains.  because the crib i almost bought got an F rating!!!  yikes!  this one gets an A+.


  1. Baby Bargains is the best. We love that crib, the rating, and the price! :) Welcome last trimester!

  2. my mom bought me a crib and I can't wait any longer to see it! yaaay happy third trimester, you're on the homestretch :)


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