24 weeks (and then some)...

sorry about not being very punctual with updates.  this week was a doozy at work.  it's the end of the quarter and allllll of my data was due! so, technically...i am 24 weeks and 4 days.

inanimate comparison: about the length of a large ear of corn.  apparently, baby will double its weight this month.  let's hope that's not the same for me!
maternity clothes? oh yes.
stretch marks? none yet!  please...stay away!
sleep: i definitely toss and turn a bit more.  i wake up on my back a lot.  not sure why because i don't even find it comfortable.  i am most comfortable on my left side with my wedge (thanks to tara) under my bump or wedged under my back.
best moment this week: starting paint on the nursery...even if it was just the primer!  and...i think we officially have a boy name!  girl, not so much.
miss anything? bending with ease.  shaving with ease and getting in and out of bed with ease.  so, basically, anything involving bending.
movement: all.of.the.time.  this is the best part about pregnancy.  both jake and i can feel a lot more fluid motion, as opposed to kicks and bumps.  it's sort of a nightly ritual.  also...something interesting...my email from what.to.expect today said that if jake lays his head on my belly, at this point, he should be able to hear the baby's heartbeat?  anyone ever experience this?
food cravings: i haven't allowed myself to make rice krispies because there are thin mints in the house!  aside from cottage cheese with peaches, i will get an idea in my head...have to have it...then i'm over it.
anything making you queasy or sicknot lately.
gender: still a surprise.
labor signs: way too early! 
symptoms: reflux, sciatic pain is back, lots of low pressure and a case of the sleepies
belly button in or out?  in.  for now.
wedding rings on or off?  on...
 happy or moody most of the time: happy.
looking forward to: getting my glider friday.  and getting the paint finished in the nursery!!  i got my paint sample today [silver sage] from restoration hardware and it is p.e.r.f.e.c.t.!!  we're going to have sherwin williams color match because that's the paint our guy uses.  i can not wait to see it all finished!

ick.  so not a good pic of me but jake had to get back to basketball, ya know...
and a close up side angle.

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  1. YES! Ted could hear her heartbeat-but it wasn't until the last few weeks. It was amazing. Absolutely amazing.


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