mr. sandman.

any dream interpreters out there?  i've had two odd dreams... that i can remember:

dream a.  i'm in my car and i'm driving.  don't worry....the baby is just laying in my lap, facing me [mom of the century, i know].  i can see every feature and he looks like jake.  with lots of hair.  it was very vivid.  i just kept driving.  not sure where i was going.  no sign of a carseat.

dream b.  the baby just appeared one day.  no labor.  no delivery.  no c section.  nothing.  again, a boy.  i was convinced he wasn't mine because no one could prove that he came out of me.  plus, i still had a bump.  not a huge one.  but a bump.  he was born right about now (25 weeks...way too early) but he was perfectly healthy and h u g e.  big!  and, this time, he looked just like me.  i mean, exactly.  so, i guess that's how i knew he was mine??

so questions....did any moms out there have gender dreams, before they knew the sex?  and how much more odd did the dreams get?  don't get me wrong, i'd love for baby to come without labor.  but, i don't think that reflects reality.  obviously, neither does the no carseat dream.  ;) 

i'm headed off for a trip to MI for my grandma's 80th bday!  80 years!!  yes, i'm bringing two pillows.  yes, i'm bringing a wedge.  and, yes, i'm bringing the baby's sound machine.  i'm determined to keep up my good sleep.  maybe these conditions will bring on some more crazy dreams.  keep ya posted.



  1. I had TONS of crazy baby dreams! Both genders-but the last one was the week before she was born and she was a girl that looked just like me :)

  2. Just keep writing them down! How fun! Have a good time kicking your heels up with grams (not that either of you will likely be kicking your heels up... but, you know, have a good time!)

  3. This made me laugh! I had tons of odd dreams....I gave birth to 'multiple' dogs/creatures and that I was expecting quads. It's weird what the mind does preggo! Have fun with the fan.


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