there really are no words.  no introduction for this.
seeing m&m on the big screen was surreal.  
and it was amazing to see the movement i was feeling.

so without further adeau........

baby menz.  ahhh!

this brings a whole new meaning to the term "profile pic".  how amazing!  it's interesting, because my niece has a similar profile...a more pronounced upper lip than lower lip.
profile with leg in pic.  what a precious little femur bone.
well, if it's a girl...she's a lady.  m&m had its legs crossed at the ankle the whole time.  feet!
pretty sure this is a pic of the face.  maybe?
head on the right..then chest (see the chambers of the heart) and elbow to hand up by the head.
head on right.  arm up again by head.  see fingers in fist?
ok.  this one looks oddly alien-like.  like that's some sort of "greetings" hand sign.  adorable, still.
spinal cord up top and then the head is scrunched down on the right.  sort of a forward roll position.
other info of note:
i am technically 18 weeks, 3 days.
today, i measured 19 weeks, 2 days.
little one is measuring long.
and is spunky on screen.
all looks healthy!!!
10 fingers, 10 toes.
9 oz.
i'm swiftly gaining weight.  :)
i do, in fact, have a posterior placenta.
this allows me to feel every little movement!
and, no, we didn't sneak a peak.
at one point...i asked the sonographer if she knew.
she said "uh huh!"
i looked at jake, like....."ehh?"
and he said, "no way".
that was tricky.
but, now, i'm over it and excited for the s u r p r i s e.

nothing can ruin today.



  1. How amazing!!!! Such a precious little one. Can't wait to meet this prairie pup!;)

  2. Words can't describe the feeling when u see your baby moving during the u/s. Truly a Gift from God.......a miracle . So happy everything looks healthy and good. So Excited to hold your baby

  3. So very happy for you two (or should I say three)! What a preious little baby---I think he/she looks absolutely adorable! Congrats!

  4. Amazing!! Can't imagine how hard it is to hold out on knowing the sex. But what a fun surprise it will be!


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