not your average in.laws

i just have to brag for a second.

first...let me preface this.  jake has planned an entire boys weekend at his family's property.  about 8 boys doing boy things.  he's been so excited about it that he pretty much did cartwheels out the door this evening when he left.  that leaves me.  here.  am i complaining?...not entirely.  i love my down time.

today- after work, tara (my s.i.l.), called me to invite me to dinner since she knew i was on my own.  i had tentitively planned something with a friend but told tara i'd get back to her.  then, i put my pjs on...and that all went out the window and i got sucked into the abyss that is my couch.  so, i passed on both.  the doorbell rang a few hours later and there was my b.i.l. with some coldstone creamery in hand.  and the best part, they even called jake to figure out what i'd want.  and what's awesome is, jake got it right.  brownie points for him.  isn't that just too sweet?  they know i have a sweet tooth!

chocolate with peanut butter and peanuts.  ya, that's right.
on top of that...

my m.i.l. and i have a shopping/lunch date planned for tomorrow.  she wants to take me out and get me a few new maternity items to add to my closet.  this, i am so thankful for, because i'm starting to become limited in the clothing department.  and what a fun girls day while the boys are off being boys!

one more thing...

my other s.i.l., sarah. who is off having the experience of a lifetime in australia for a few months with a really great guy, is coming back home for my shower in april.  is this the only reason she's coming home, well...not entirely.  but she's spending part of her time home planning and throwing a shower for little ol' me and her niece or nephew.  i'm lucky.

it's nice to have such sweet family so close; especially since my mom and sister live miles and miles away, which has been much more difficult lately.

 see...they're not your average in.laws...they're {w a y} better.

[stay tuned for a 22 week belly pic this week]



  1. that is awesome. sounds like a dream family.

  2. Thanks, Lynz!!! We love having you as part of our family.... and this post is too sweet! Missing you guys!


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