nursery inspiration

i've sort of set the 20 week (or halfway) mark for our ready-set-go date.  since babies come when they're ready, and you never really know what might happen...i planned to begin registering and starting the nursery at that point.  and it is quickly approaching.

so i thought i'd share some pinterest inspiration and our vision of what m&m's lil abode should look like.

i hate the current color of the room.  i went with very bold paint colors throughout the house and now i'm itching to lighten it up.  so when we have the nursery painted, i'm having the guy redo our guest bath as well.  so not only do i have to pick a nursery color i love, but also the perfect color to compliment it in the bathroom.

we've decided to use [what i would consider] the 3rd bedroom for the nursery.  the room in front, which has a large window covering one wall, is nearly the same size and i don't necessarily want to mess with that paint or decor.  plus, with the large window...sometimes temperature control is difficult.

how about some visuals...

everyone has that "officey" type room that doesn't get used.  the room that things just get thrown in.  ya, this is ours.
oh and it also doubles as remy's room.  and that duck's too...hate it.
who needs a mobile when you have this?  jake insisted his banded duck should be on display.  now, i think we can find a cozy spot for it in the garage. 
itsy bitsy clothes in the closet!

how did we manage life without pinterest?  who hasn't found the most adorable things and the greatest inspirations while rummaging pin boards?  and then...to be able to pin everything in one place?  genius!

here are some pics of our inspiration.

benjamin moore | salisbury green
similar color on a wall.
tree wall decals from etsy.
crib from treasure rooms.
two tone or maybe an all espresso dresser.

book wall.  seen here.
chevron bedding, from etsy.
my glider dream.

that's all for now.  
you can follow my pin board by going here.  
and if you need nursery inspiration, i seriously suggest that you visit project nursery...which i found via pinterest. 

question:  moms, any nursery must-haves or tips that you'd like to share?



  1. Room darkening curtains or shades...I found blinds just didn't cut it for middle of a sunny day naps :)

  2. I agree with Jen on shades, cold mist humidifier, angel monitor for crib, sound machine of some sort so baby isn't in complete silence


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