18 weeks [more like, pretty much 19]

18 weeks 3 days.  yes, i was sleepy.
the close ups always seem to make it look like it really feels.

inanimate comparison:  the size of a deli pickle or bell pepper.

maternity clothes?:  pants and leggings, yes...thanks to old navy.  i do have one pair of khakis and one pair of jeans that i can do the rubber band trick with.  tops are hit and miss.  i love the long maternity tops.

cravings:  i get dinner cravings.  for example, i saw baked beans and then had to have them.  i saw someone eating boiled cabbage [wtf?] and had to have that.  but the other day i noticed that, in my lunch, i had packed a piece of my strawberry cake, a strawberry poptart and a strawberry cereal bar.  i'm seeing a trend.

aversions: not many.

emotions:  over the moon.  easily teary.

fatigue:  up and down.  i'm pretty sleepy after work, but i try to move some how.  nighttime is touch and go because when i wake up to go potty, sometimes i stay up :(

symptoms: large ta-tas.  some lower back pain and, what i just learned is, sciatic nerve pain [i thought i had kidney stones....ya, nope].

weight gain:  7-9 lbs.  things have fluctuated. 

what i miss:  lately...nothing.  :)

fears/concerns:  that we will be those parents naming our child as we sign the birth certificate.  and maybe i'm nuts but i think my belly button has begun a slow progression outward.  very slow.  but it appears shallower?  a little concerned about that belly ring scar.  yoikes! 

highlight of the week:  by far, yesterday's ultrasound and sharing it with family.  excited for another in 4 weeks!!!  another highlight...jake feeling tiny movements too [if and when he's patient].


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  1. so fabulous, fanger! you look great and you're almost half way there!


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