20 weeks.

 half way.  hard to believe.  i have to say...after suffering the loss of a miscarriage, many times i thought i would never get to this point.  i can't believe we're here. 

looking rather sleepy.
inanimate comparison:  a banana.

maternity clothes?:  pretty much everything.  i've been rocking the long tanks paired with a cardigan most days at work.  thankfully, i've found some more maternity pants that fit length-wise at both old navy and motherhood (petites).  motherhood had a bathroom...hallelujah!

cravings:  i must complete a meal with some kind of sweet, so i usually make a dessert that lasts a week.  last week, it was coco rice krispie treats.  this week, stawberry rice krispie treats.  uh...yum.  other than that, i don't necessarily crave one certain thing, so much as get something on my mind...have to have it...then i'm over it.

aversions:  not much.

emotions:  just happy.  nesting.  and in the words of kristen bell, "if i'm not between a 3 and a 7  on the emotional scale, i'm crying".  even if it's from laughter.  i can't stop.

fatigue:  a little more tired lately.  if i don't get a solid 8 hours, there is a nap involved in my day.

symptoms:  getting fuller quicker.  get the sensation that i have to pee terribly and then it isn't much.  must be careful when bending over...i lose balance easily.  and the belly button is definitely on its way out.

weight gain:  i don't keep track, unless they tell me at an appointment. 

what i miss:  i've had sushi on the brain, lately.  nothing i can have, either.  i'm talking...fresh, raw salmon and raw tuna on a rainbow roll.  mouth watering.

fears/concerns:  a little anxious about room decor, now.  if i knew i was having a girl i would have the nursery all figured out and i would do this color palate.  but...we don't.  so i can't.  i know i will love our neutral theme...and i can add some touches later.  i'm also still stressing about the name.  how come we don't have that one name that we just know is it?  is that weird? 

highlight of the week:  jake feeling tons of movement now too!  also, just getting to the 20 week point!  looking forward to my next ultrasound in a couple weeks.


  1. It goes by so quick. Enjoy every minute of it. You are adorable as always

  2. You look great Lyndzo:) Love your hair and my little peanut!!!

  3. Yay for being half way there!! You look great... The nursery will be perfect!

  4. I don't know how I stumbled across your blog, but I'm glad I did. I was in Katie & Todd's wedding with you. I wanted to wish you luck as you prepare for baby! Mommy-to-mommy ~ get ready for the best adventure of your life. You're going to be a terrific mom. I really enjoyed reading your story and I'm glad you decided to blog. Like you, I mulled over my decision to blog for quite some time. Have fun .. I'm so very happy for you!!


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