tomorrow is the big ultrasound.  the one when we could find out.
and while i don't necessarily want to...i think it will be really hard while we're there.  so close.
jake isn't budging.

so i thought it would be fun to go through the ol' wives tales out there and see what this m&m might be...according to...old wives.

1.  how you carry baby.  they say carrying high means girl and low means boy.  i've been told that i appear to be carrying low.  i feel like it's low...compared to some coworkers [who, are having boys...so who knows].  so, chalk this one up for boy, i suppose.

2.  sympathy weight.  this one is new to me, but it says that if your husband gains weight with you...girl.  and if not...boy.  welp...mr. menz has put on a few el bees (lbs.)  so, girl.

3.  heart rate.  although my doctor said there is absolutely no truth to this...they say that a heart rate over 140...means it's a girl.  m&m had a heart rate of 156 bpm at 14 weeks.  girl.

4.  cravings.  if you crave sweet, they predict girl.  salty or sour...boy.  i can't really pinpoint one or the other here, cause i do crave both.  so...it's a tossup for this one.

5.  the ol chinese gender predictor.  it asks for your age at conception and your month of conception.  what i just learned from reading this is that my month of conception is actually september, although i know when we conceived...october.  that is because it goes from the month of your last period.  so according to this one...boy.

6.  drano?  i didn't do this, but i had to share because it is o f f the w a l l.  pee in a cup.  mix in drano.  if it turns green = girl.  blue = boy.  who came up with this?

7.  even and odd.  legend has it that the Mayans determined a baby's sex by looking at the mother's age at conception and the year of conception. if both are even or odd, it's a girl. if one's even and one's odd, it's a boy.  27 and 2011.  girl.

8.  the key to the mystery.  a friend put a car key in front of me and had me pick it up.  she then said that if i picked it up by the narrow part, it would be a girl.  and if i picked it up by the rounded part, it would be a boy.  i grabbed the rounded end.  chalk it up to boy.

9.  stealing beauty.  they say girls steal their mother's beauty.  if you have been breaking out a lot, it means girl.  actually, i don't think my skin has looked better.  so, boy?

10.  ring on a string.  hang a ring on a string over your belly.  if it swings in a circle, boy.  back and forth, a girl.  mine went back and forth.  girl.

11.  queasy does it.  sicker than a dog...a girl.  not too bad, they say boy.  i only actually vomited twice.  as far as morning sickness goes, i'd say i had it pretty good.  boy.

so there ya go.  i'd say, according to the old wives, it's a ..... boy.  but, barely.  girl, 5.  boy, 6.

many have asked if i have a "feeling".  and the answer is no.  i lean more towards girl only because everyone and their brother...literally everyone i know...is having or had a boy.  [that is, except for my friend abbey over at life treasured who had enough girls for us all].  so the odds tell me girl.  maybe seeing m&m tomorrow will make me have a better "feeling".  and i certainly don't care either way.  i seriously just want the healthiest little munchkin ever. 

and, yes, i am late on my 18 week belly pick.  it will be up tomorrow.  :)  and i will share photos from the big ultrasound too.

prayers for good health tomorrow and eased nerves.


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  1. Stay strong! The surprise is ah-mazing!

    The Chinese and Ring on a String were right for me.

    And who picks up a key by the narrow part??


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