22 weeks and a 27th bday.

so...22 weeks!  and it also happens to be jake's 27th birthday today.  so this post includes a brief birthday recap too.
feeling like that is more than a 22 week belly??
inanimate comparison:  a spaghetti squash.

maternity clothes?:  pretty much everything.  and i got all kinds of cute stuff this weekend, thanks to my m.i.l.  my fav thing is this cute denim dress from the gap maternity!  and i found black, full panel skinny jeans...which i've been searching for.  i was totally spoiled.

cravings:  still very much stuck on rice krispy treats.  and, again, if i get something in my head...i have to have it.  then, i'm over it.

aversions:  changes daily.  definitely more cravings than aversions.

emotions:  pretty darn happy.  although, an incident at work had me pretty frazzled this week.  there were tears.

fatigue:  not too bad.

symptoms: pretty much constantly have the feeling of a full bladder, when it isn't necessarily full.  i toss and turn a bit in my sleep.  but the sciatic pain has really improved!

weight gain:  i will know wednesday.  eh, maybe i won't look

what i miss:  still missing sushi.

fears/concerns: just anxious for another ultra-sound wednesday; although i'm sure all is fine.    

highlight of the week:  finally feeling like we have a grip on the nursery [just have to get it started].  i did, however, order my glider this weekend!!!  ahhhh, i'm so excited.  i have my mom to thank for this generous gift.  i will think of her every time i'm gliding m&m to sleep :)
purchased from diapers.com - best deal i found.
{and, finally.........happy 27th bday 
to one really great guy.  
i can't wait to see him be a daddy.}
his bday dinner.  salad, shrimp (not me), steak with provel and yummy pasta
blurry.  blah.  can't wait or my iphone in april.
 ***i wish you could see that cheesecake.  holy cow.  it's from cheesecake factory.  
one piece of red velvet and one piece of hershey bar.  we couldn't eat it all.



  1. I am not even having a baby and I want that chair! You are adorable and happy birthday to your hubby!

  2. you look amazing! can't believe you're over half way there!

  3. You look sgreat! Yay for nursery progress :)


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