nursery soul-mate

after major amounts of internet surfing today, i came across this...my nursery soul-mate.  here' s why i love it:

1.  they mixed dark wood with white...and while i was thinking white crib with dark dresser, i think i've changed my mind!!
2.  the paint!  restoration hardware's silver sage.  remember when i said i emailed a mommy from project nursery?  well, i did...and silver sage was the color.  the same color i fell in love with on pinterest.  i think that's our color.  it's the perfect blend of just enough color + nursery tranquility that i am looking for.
3.  it's clean.  it's airy.  it's fun.

p.s.  so bummed because the glider i fell in love with after much searching is available no where!!!  not online, not in stores...yet not discontinued.  so bummed.  i'm on the hunt for a gray, fully upholstered glider.

p.p.s  my current dilemma:  no matter what, i'm going to have handmade bedding ordered through etsy.  should i settle for the gender neutral bedding that i like a lot, or wait...because if it's a girl, there are fabrics that i l o v e. ???  will i be crazy to wait for bedding until baby comes?  keeping in mind that this bedding will take some time to be made.  like, weeks?!



  1. If he or she will not be sleeping in their crib right away...I say wait and get what you love!! It will be worth the wait.:) can't wait to see it all come together!

  2. I'd say wait!!! I actually never put Rory's bumper in her crib b/c I was so paranoid about SIDS. Looks beautiful in her closet though ;)

  3. I love that nursery! So clean and natural. It's a beaut. I say wait on bedding... Even if you do put baby in crib, you can just put on a neutral colored crib sheet until the bedding is made. Can't wait to see it all put together!

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  5. Love the colors! From what I hear bassinets are helpful in the beginning, so if you go that route you won't need the crib bedding right away. I would wait to get the one you LOVE!

  6. Totally agree with everyone!!!!!!! Wait until the baby comes and you can get what you really want:)


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