whoosh. whoosh. whoosh.

i can breathe a little easier.
and sleep a little better.
14.5 weeks and a healthy little heart beat.
156 bpm to be exact.
and just when the doc would find it,
we'd hear another little whoosh and off the bean went!
a little mover.
and we learned today that movement builds their nervous system.
next up...the big ultrasound.  feb. 1st.
but, nope, still not finding out.
and neither will our doc.  so there will be no slip ups.
i can't wait for the day we will know!



  1. Such relief!!! So glad to hear the GREAT news!

  2. ...I read the "and another little whoosh" real fast and about fell over. I thought you were joining the VA multiples club!

  3. you'll never forget or get tired of that sound! just catching up a bit with you on here (notice the re-follow? weird that blogger cut a few of my blogs off. hmphf) anyways, we referred to the baby as peanut or little one. it was... better than saying "it". :)


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