because it's the coolest feeling ever...

i had to share
that i have been feeling so much movement since my 16 week post.
all of the sudden, my bump grew ten fold
and i started to feel more frequent taps (aka quickening)
the coolest thing
it's always when i'm very still
typically when i'm lay with my feet up but my back propped
but today i felt it sitting in my chair at work
just a little "hello" to remind me everything's ok
usually it's on the right but today it was on the left
and, last night, one motion was so big that it actually startled me
so neat!
my doctor told me i would feel it somewhere around 19 weeks
but it also depended on the location of my placenta
she may have told me 19 weeks so i didn't fret if i wasn't feeling anything
understandable.  because i would.
but i'm definitely feeling things
which, i guess, means i have a more posterior placenta
yay for posterior placentas
isn't the body pretty neat-o?
i think so
it's so hard to believe a living thing is right down there
moving away
love it.
for visual people.  16 week fetus (anterior placenta)



  1. Hi Lyndsay, It's Jen Zelch! I found your blog when I went to send you a message on FB! I am so excited for you guys! I had to comment on this post b/c this was my favorite part of pregnancy :) I could lay there forever feeling them move, I actually used to do just that at night, lay there while they moved until they either fell asleep or just quit moving :) The beginning movements are exciting and just wait until you really feel distinct pushes and kicking, very cool, and in the end when you can see an elbow, heel, fist, or bootie moving around your belly, it is unbelieveable! I am so excited for you to get to have all these amazing experiences! I also loved your name post, had me laughing out loud b/c it is funny and so true about being such a huge decision...we did family names for our two, Zach is after Rob's brother who passed away and Reagan has my maiden name, Mowery, as her middle name so I guess we are 'classified' the same way you are leaning towards :)

  2. I'm way jealous. Pretty sure I texted Anna everyday wondering why I hadn't felt him. I don't think I felt him for sure for sure until 20 weeks...and it may have been later. Enjoy those extra weeks you get to feel your little baby!


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