one person who sent us well wishes when we announced this pregnancy said, "good luck on this all consuming journey".  i didn't think much of it then, but consuming is exactly the right word.

and i don't just mean consuming food....and cake....and m&ms....and ice cream cones.

consuming in every sense of the word.

my thoughts are currently consumed by...
nursery ideas
my next appointment
worries and fears
boy or girl?
baby sitters
the delivery
car seats
girl or boy?
new car
middle names
feb 1
crib safety...
and i could just go on and on

and it's not just my thoughts.  also my actions.  my conversations.  my internet usage and my free time.

this has to be where pregnancy brain comes from.  the thoughts could just go on and on.  and then i feel a little movement and i'm reminded again that there's so much to think about...and in the middle of a therapy session, i'm no longer working on therapy but thinking about how i can't wait for those movements to become kicks and hiccups.  and somehow that triggers nursing and then all of the sudden, i'm thinking about breast pumps.  don't get me wrong.  i get my job done each day and i know i do a good job.  

 but i've decided, aside from work, i need to make a better effort to step outside of the ride for a few moments each day and make time for something or someone other than this or us.  call it a resolution.  a very late one.

but just real quick...a picture.  because, this week, i feel like a lot has changed.  the bump has grown [not to mention, changed shape?] and there's so much movement!!  but.  let me say.  the back pain has started.  the further my belly sticks out, the further my lower back curves in.  and this was actually the topic of my what to expect email this morning.  does this have a stopping point?!  i feel like it makes my rear-end look a little kardashian-ish, from the side.  this isn't very necessary as i do not lack in the trunk department.  notice below. 

sir mix a lot comes to mind.  17 weeks.
now, i'm going to go consume my dinner.  tonight, i just had to have baked beans. what the...



  1. Lyndsay, relish in e v e r y moment this ride brings you! It's an exciting one (this is obviously an assumption as I am not a mother but from what I can tell by friends who are... it is most definitely an adventure!) So, soak it up. Love it up! I know you well enough to know that your work and loved ones are not suffering due to your pregnancy brain :) Do whatever feels right during this fabulous time in your life! Loves. and loves the bump! The bump makes me think girl now but I am not changing my vote... yet.

  2. Totally consumed by the love of that precious little one . . . beautiful and yet potential for feeling like we are going crazy! LOL! I remember it (twice) so well. ENJOY!! Your bump is too cute!

  3. It doesn't stop...the 'all consuming-ness' of it! Even now that my two are older they are still all consuming, it is a stretch to go out with friends and not talk about diaper pails, what they did that was funny that day, what size clothes to get them...it never ends they will always consume all your thoughts...and it's wonderful :)

  4. consuming is a good word for it. congrats on your pregnancy. i am a new follower i just love your blog. check out my page


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