14 weeks

how far along:  14 weeks 1 day

it seems bigger in person.

inanimate comparison:  the size of a lemon or your clinched fist

maternity clothes?:  i've only tried leggings and mainly because i couldn't stand how my regular leggings cut my stomach off.

cravings:  i've been digging chocolate milk and eating a lot of pickles, but i do really like pickles any way. 

aversions:  chicken is dead to me right now.  and coffee.  i love coffee.  but not now.

emotions:  snippy if i don't eat.  blubbery if i'm up too late.  and, today, i about cried at wal-mart because they didn't have one single ripe avocado.

fatigue:  traveling to ny took it out of me, but i think the fatigue is getting better.  but, ask me again after this week back at work.  hmmpff.

symptoms:  aside from peeing a ton and feeling like someone is shocking my nipples...i feel good.  i must eat every 1.5-2 hours.  i have an occasional headache, but i'm not complaining.  i will take it all and then some!!

what i miss:  i miss iced tea, but i've slowly been having a bit here and there.  i really miss subs (jimmy johns and goodcents).  i'm not sure about that whole no lunch meat thing, but i'm not risking anything.  did any of you avoid it?  i do not miss drinking, although, now and then...a cold beer looks good.

fears/concerns:  i'm anxious for our appointment thursday.  psyching myself out that something may have happened between our last appointment and now.  i really do feel optimistic, but i think anyone would have that fear.

highlight of the week:  realizing that i was getting a bump.  it seriously popped out over night and i think i was in some kind of denial.  i kept telling my sister, "that was already there".  no.  it wasn't.  another highlight would be jake telling me that the tiny bump was cute.  because i was feeling a little large, at that moment.

i'm thinking one of these posts every two weeks.  each week might be overkill.



  1. I avoided meat from deli or subway etc. If I ever had any deli meat I was sure it was heated/toasted to kill the bacteria that could be there. I was over kill. Normal to nervous between appointments. Your bump is adorable

  2. I avoided lunch meat, if i had no other option I would heat it up. I did a post every week and I think it was a little much since not a lot changed with me. You look great and I'm very excited for you guys.

  3. I told you it was there! And yes you look fabulous Lyndz. You're going to make the cutest pregnant lady, and I can't believe you're 14 weeks already... It just seems like a lot. Love the post, the part about the avocado made me laugh!

  4. I LOVE the picture, you are the cutest preggo! And I love these kind of posts it would never be overkill! And I ate toasted subs and warmed deli meats, my doc told me it was fine as long as I heated it a bit. Hoping I get to see you soon!

  5. congrats girl! brooke told me over christmas. best wishes on this consuming and magical new chapter!

  6. Love these updates! I wouldn't think weekly was overkill...love watching bumps grow. :) I couldn't eat chicken all pregnancy, unless it was deep fried...the healthy stuff. I ate lunch meat. My doctors said go for it, just be smart about where you get it from. {No back ally subs ;)} I also would have the occasional sweet tea. I couldn't drink just tea bc I would have to have sweet n low to make it good. So I had sweet teas. I even had Dr. Pepper every now and then two....I had the go ahead on caffine too as long as it was no more than a few cups a day. Every doctor is different, but go with what won't make you second guess the choice. You can worry yourself sick otherwise. Or have dreams that your kid[s] will come out with 12 heads. P.S. you look so cute pregnant!!

  7. Congrats!! I've been a bad follower, I didn't realize you were pregnant! I am actually due the day before you! :-) How fun. I hope you are feeling well and confident! I know that a pregnancy after a miscarriage can be difficult to believe. My pregnancy with my son, I was waiting for something to happen the entire time until I heard him screaming in the delivery room. :-) I now have my 1 cup of coffee a day, but generally follow the "do not eat" list. I'll have lunch meat occationally, but only if heated. I definitely popped, too, but am way bigger than you as this is #2. Oye! :-) Congrats again!!

  8. Just started reading your post. What an exciting time for the whole family. Thank you for posting your thoughts,fears and most of all Humor. You look amazing and I am looking forward to reading more!


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