"when the baby comes..."

if you know jake at all, you know that he is an avid outdoorsman.
hunting deer.
hunting duck.
hunting wabbits (i kid, kind of).
so, when he brought this conversation up last night, i had to laugh.

jake (in the shower): so, babe, when the baby comes....
me:  yes?
jake:  you know how i really love hunting and going to the country?
me:  yes, babe. [thinking...i know exactly where this is going]
jake:  well, and you know you and the baby will be my world, right?
me:  riiiiight....
jake:  but...i just...ya know...i think i still will really need my hunting time.  you know.  time away.  i think that's important too.  just like you need girl time.
me:  keep going...
jake:  like, if you want to take a girl's trip to nebraska.  i will be here with the baby and take that responsibility (lol), but i just want to be sure that i can still have my hunting time too.
me:  yes, jake.  [laughing] don't you worry.  i wouldn't take that from you.
jake:  well, i didn't think so, but...you know...

and then he was giddy like a school boy.

i don't know if you just had to be there, but it was a pretty cute conversation.  you could tell he didn't want to make me upset by asking, but he was ligitimately concerned ...yet still knew what my answer would be.

i think, with me starting to show...hearing the heartbeat...and all that good stuff, things are sinking in and starting to hit him.  and it's adorable.  and he just needed to know...if he'd still have guy time.   



  1. he might be having LOTS of guy time if M&M is a little boy. love the convo - i bet there might be a few more of these in the next 6 months.

  2. I can totally see Jake having this conversation with you :)

  3. I totally had this conversation with my hubby when my first came. He thought I was going to ask him to quit everything he ever loved. NOT TRUE!! Just as he needs his hobbies, I need mine. We support each others and everyone is happy happy happy! :-)


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