snow day!

yippee!  i really was like a nine year old when i got the call from my school district this morning, letting me know that school was canceled due to inclement weather.  unfortunately, jake had already gotten up for work and the fans were off, lights were on and i was up and at 'em.

the midwest was hit with a storm, but we didn't even get much snow.  maybe just over an inch.  but i guess that combined with the dropping temps and wind made for a sticky commute because it took jake over 2 hours to get to work just 25 minutes away.

so what am i doing, you ask?  on my first snow day of the season???

took my time making breakfast.

brewed some decaf coffee for the first time in i don't know how long...only to decide it just wasn't what i wanted quite yet.  drank chocolate milk instead.

tried to watch the today show, which i love.  nothing but storm and commute coverage on any news channel.  ended up watching ellen on dvr.

looked up the trendiness of some baby names.

read some blogs.


did some research on a good but reasonable starter slr camera...input anyone?  i have no desire to be a photographer, i just want to be able to snap nice pictures of the mini menz in a flash!

i follow this blog.  and she has me freaked thinking.  researched the use of the angel monitor.  or any other kind of breathing monitor.  i follow this blog.  ...or there's the snuza baby movement monitor.


did my biggest loser jillian dvd.  i hate jillian.  she causes pain.  good pain.  sometimes i just mute her to shut her up though.

my friend, tricia, who's also preggers, came up with the perfect nickname for the baby.  since i sometimes call "it" mini menz...m&m!  perfect!  and quite fitting since i crave peanut m&ms.

ate lunch.

ate some of this cake, that i had been obsessing over since i saw a pin for strawberry cookies on pinterest.  this is a weight watchers recipe.  beyond easy.  one box of cake mix.  one diet soda.  bake it per box instructions.  that's it.  add lite whipped topping.  it is the best cake.  my fav.  i picked strawberry cake mix with sprite zero.  you can do many combos of this cake.  lemon and sprite.  chocolate and diet wild cherry.  spice cake and diet a&w.  so good!  and sort of guilt free!

did laundry.

read more blogs.

read the help.

and now...i'm waiting for jake to get home safe.



  1. We got a NIKON p100 before h was born. Point and shoot but great zoom. Pretty easy to use. Think we paid 350 also have angel monitor. Highly recommend. Used hudson first year and only went off 3x ever. Always because he was in a corner and monitor couldn't detect his movement. Although makes you freak At the time, its reassuring it works. Worth the money for sure. My sis has for gavin now passed it down and will just pass back and forth with each baby

  2. I follow the same blog and became a freak about SIDS. Even though my pediatrician has calmed me down about it I'm getting both of those monitors.

  3. Sounds like a nice day! I'm in the midwest too and We're getting lots of snow right now! We have a teacher institute day tomorrow so no hope of a snow day! And I mute Jillian often when I do her DVDs. Love and hate her!

  4. We LOVE our Niken D3000-its no harder than a regular digital camera if you just want to get a fast shot.

    And stop eating weight watchers-you need fat! Go make a cake with real butter and whole milk :)


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