16 weeks.

i didn't feel like this pic showed the enormity of that which i feel in my mid section.
so i tried a close-up.  better.
inanimate comparison:  the size of a large avacado.

maternity clothes?:  leggings, yes.  but i'm in the in between phase right now.  i have one pair of jeans left that button, but i use the rubber band trick or the bella band for the rest.  i wear a few maternity tops.  i love the long length!  question:  do the maternity pants with the elastic wasteband (not the full pannel) last you for the whole pregnancy?  wondering if they're worth my money.

cravings:  mcdonald's cones.  strawberry cake.  (see this post.  it is to die for).  also, other fruity treats...like, peach yogurt or blueberry cake doughnuts (must not buy these).

aversions:  i am friends with chicken again.  not just a slab of it, but cut up.  i tried caffeine in one of those store bought starbucks drinks and i did not like how it made me feel.

emotions:  nothing to complain about.

fatigue:  getting better.  it's to the point where i don't necessarily realize it during the day, but i will get home and just crash.  i have no trouble sleeping...until i get up for that first potty of the night.  then my mind starts a-racin'.

symptoms: lots of bathroom breaks, a little back pain and some shooting pains in my pelvis region.  nothing out of the ordinary.

weight gain:  3 lbs. 

what i miss:  lately...nothing.  :)

fears/concerns:  i'm anxious for our anatomy screening at 18.5 weeks (feb. 1).  the big ultrasound when we get to see m&m on the big screen for a while.  just hoping we have a healthy one.

highlight of the week:  ok, maybe i'm crazy but i swear i am feeling a little movement.  let me explain.  if i lay really still, i sometimes feel a fleeting little tap on the right sight of my lower belly.  right where my doc always finds the heartbeat.  it isn't often and certainly isn't strong, but i really don't think it's gas.



  1. Love your bump. Adorable!! Pants question, I liked the full panel much more. Towards the end I could still fit in the other pants but because they go below your belly I had trouble keeping them up and keeping my butt from showing. Prefer full panel!! Also like that it covered my belly button better. More of a smoother look with fitted shirts with the full panel I Started feeling hudson around 16 weeks. Kind of like gas bubbles or butterflys. Sure u r feeling m&m. Praying for a healthy baby

  2. You ARE feeling the baby! That's so cool! And I find myself commenting on every one of your posts lately-I'm just so excited for you!

  3. so cute! love the chalkboard sign!

  4. I'm in total agreement with the pants. The half panel I Ed are great when your in early stages and after, but when your really pregnant they fall off. I could never keep mine up. Love the bump Lyndzo you look great!!! And there will be a healthy baby for the next ultra-sound. FAITH:) I love my little peanut m&m, and I can't wait to meet him/her!!!!!

  5. Kaitlin, me too. Just so Excited and love the blog cause I feel I get to be apart of this journey even when I am 4 hrs away and don't get to see Lynds often love u Lynds. So Excited to meet that baby.

  6. You look great!! I used the trusty rubber band as long as I could or low rise jeans. I did have a maternity pair of jeans from Kohls. I think that stretched with me all the way to the end. Fun spring and summer dresses were my favorite go to clothing item...only a few more months for those! I want to see your bump in person soon!!:)

  7. I can't give you any advice on maternity clothes but I can say that you look fabulous!

  8. You look adorable!!!! I personally loved the pants that went under my belly. I could wear them till about 36 weeks and they are great for after delivery.


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