31 weeks.  3 days.
time is seriously flying.
we had an ultrasound today.
not because of any concern,
my doc just does one around 32 weeks.
baby was measuring about 3 lbs and some odd ounces
(we were too enthralled with seeing baby and forgot the ounces)
but...she said 26th percentile.
this is the normal range,
although m&m probably won't be a big baby.
head was down.
body on my right side, which explains the lopsidedness i get.
sonographer said she could see lots of hair.
(the hairy ones are so cute)
the gender is still a surprise!
but best of all, everything was healthy and heartbeat was strong!

looking straight at baby's face.  his/her arm was up by the head so we couldn't get a profile shot.  but you can see the eyes, little nose and sweet cheeks.
i'm not too sure what we're looking at but apparently it's hair.
i also had a shower this past weekend thrown by my a m a z i n g sisters.in.law and mother.in.law.  it was so fantastic and they really went above and beyond!  we got totally spoiled and most of the big stuff is out of the way.  so grateful!  gotta love jake, too.  he had it all put together that night :)  i will post pictures soon!!

my mom was also able to come in from ny for the shower!  we spent some much needed time together.  she helped me pick out a mattress and washed every last onesie, as well as things in the nursery.  her trip wasn't long enough, but she will be back soon enough!  we definitely missed my sister, loren, who couldn't make it because she's finishing up student teaching. 



  1. Good job holding out on knowing the sex. Not sure I could be so strong! Baby Menz will be here soon!

  2. Love that sweet face! And lots of hair....gonna be such a cutie! The girls will be jealous of his or her hair!;) excited to see that bump and you this weekend!

  3. You are the cutest pregnant person I know!! Xoxo


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