doctor's orders

well, it's a good thing today was the last day of school because i am officially on bed rest.

it all started this morning with a little light spotting.  i didn't really think much of it because it was a very very little bit.  so i said goodbye to jake [who got on a plane to nebraska for a work trip...ya] and i went to work.

well, the spotting turned into something a little more so i called my doctor from work.

...and off to the hospital i went.  .....with jake en route to nebraska.  thankfully, my wonderful mother.in.law met me so i wasn't alone.

turns out...all those braxton hicks contractions weren't exactly that.  i was 1 cm dilated and 90% effaced.  and contracting regularly.  once i got to the hospital, i definitely learned what a contraction feels like.  ouch.

the good thing...it wasn't amniotic fluid.  most likely spotting from cervical changes.

they initially gave me a shot to see if that would stop the contractions but it wasn't working so well.  so, they tried procardia which seems to be doing the trick.  and after a lot of waiting....i was sent home.

what now?  i'm on bed rest for about two weeks [at which point i will be 36 weeks] and then we go from there.  i need to stick to the meds every 6 hours until then.  and i follow up with my doctor thursday.

i will be sure to keep you posted!  thanks for all the care and concern!



  1. Oh no!?!?!?! Praying that Baby M stays put.

    I know procardia well and it worked like a charm to keep my baby girl cooking.

  2. holy crap, fanger! i hope that baby stays put a little longer, but it makes me excited to see M soon!

  3. Praying baby m stays in the oven a while longer.

  4. Thinking of you & baby M, Lynz!

  5. Hoping baby M stays put a while longer. Good luck on bed rest. Plenty of time for Pinterest and other important things! :)

  6. I have recently been following your blog - I'm so sorry about your first pregnancy. Best of luck to you and your little bundle of joy! And good luck with the best rest!

  7. Hoping baby M stays in awhile longer!

  8. Tara filled me in today on this... so glad they have it under control for now. Thinking of you guys and M&M! Love you guys!


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