bedding and girl names

i think i have bedding.  i still have to wait.  but, i made a decision.
with help from my mom.

for a boy...

for a girl...
and now i can sleep a little better.

[.....until i change my mind again.]

now, i need a girl name.

drew caroline (or olivia)
parker olivia
rowyn olivia

place your votes to the right in the poll.



  1. So have you already come to a decision on the boy name?? Love the bedding

  2. Love the bedding. I like Drew Olivia for a girls name :)

  3. Names are SO hard. I am having a horrible time this time around. That being said, I think I like Rowyn Olivia out of your choices. I tend to be drawn to more feminine names and know boys named Drew and Parker so that puts a spin on it for me. Honestly, I LOVE Caroline for a first name. And Olivia. I'd do Olivia Caroline or Caroline Olivia. If it were me. :-)

    But I am not you and you have to go with what you love and a name that fits you! I know many people who would never name their children the names on my list, and I'm okay with it. :-)

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