35 weeks, bed rest & a false alarm.

today marks 35 weeks.  and we don't have a baby yet, so that's good!

i thought i'd try to do a weekly post at this point, we're not sure if we will make it too long after going off the procardia.  and, i'd like to document these last moments!

kinda blurred.
inanimate comparison:  a honeydew melon

maternity clothes:  yes, but i recently found some cute long and lean tanks from target that i've been sporting and they're not maternity!

stretch marks:  still no.

sleep:  that's been touch and go this week with all the commotion.  i got some amazing sleep last night and i will explain why when i get to the false alarm part.
best moment this week:  continuing to put finishing touches on the nursery!  we got some fun things from ikea and i'm hoping that, once i get off bed rest, i can do some running around to find the rest of what i need! 

miss anything?:  the pool, outside, summer stuff.  if you know me, you know i live for the pool!  we have a neighborhood pool, and while i'm sure that i could consider floating in the pool bed rest, it is soooooo hot.  my doctor is already worried about being dehydrated, so i figured i probably shouldn't push it in this heat.  i've been getting 30-45 minutes outside everyday, until i can't take it anymore. 
wish i could swim with this doll-face. my niece, emma.
 movement:  i'm constantly getting jabbed on my right side.  it has to be a little knee or foot.  i can't wait to meet those little knees and feet!

cravings:  nothing lately.  but i've had enough sweets in the house to satisfy any sweet craving before i even know i have it.

sickness:  just headaches from the procardia.

gender:  can't wait!

labor signs:  i still get some contractions if i'm up too long.  the other night, i did have a menstrual cramp feeling, even while laying down.  i held out but finally called my doctor who had me take my next dose of meds a little early.  i chugged a ton of water, took it easy and they went away.

symptoms:  nothing worth writing home about.

belly button:  still in!  well, maybe not "in"...but not out either.

wedding rings:  i'm down to just my engagement ring.

happy or moody?:  happy to be home.  happy jake is home!  so happy jake is home!  i should dedicate a whole post to him.  he's been such a good bed rest buddy.
looking forward to:  one-ish more week of bed rest and then the home stretch!

here are some pics of what i've been up to.  it's been a great time to write some thank yous and work on a "project" for a workshop i attended.  i'm getting a graduate credit towards my masters +30 which = pay raise!

blokus.  if you've never played, it's a fun puzzle/problem solving game.  jake beat me.
blew some raspberries with this stud.
and tons of snuggles with her.  she is loving bed rest.  she's not supposed to be on the couch, oops.
about that false alarm...

without giving too many details, i started a "slow leak" [for lack of a better term].  i couldn't exactly tell what it was, it wasn't a gush by any means, but it was consistent enough to alarm me.  i let it go about 12-ish hours and then i started to google.  why i didn't just call my doctor, i don't know.  after not sleeping the night before because i was a little nervous that my water may have broken, i decided i couldn't do that for another night.  so, i called.  the on-call ob told me to just go in and get checked because, with the baby's head so low, it could be blocking anything from fully "leaking".  so, at 11:30 last night, jake and i headed to the hospital [without any sort of bag, by the way...dumb].  we got in pretty quickly, got an exam and litmus test and....false alarm.  my water did not break.  they said it could have been a combination of a] baby having a choke hold on my bladder and, you guessed it, i tinkled... b] having been examined monday and thursday and/or c] just normal pregnancy stuff.  either way, i'm glad we went and i ended up getting some a m a z i n g sleep last night.  worth it!

so, i've joined the club of false alarms.  i'm not sure why i was so hesitant.  jake made a good point.  if the baby were here and we were concerned about something being wrong, we would call or go to the doctor and not chance it.  so, why would this be any different?  he's right.  and the sweet nurse told me it happens all the time.

hopefully, our next trip to the hospital is the real deal.  ...i better go pack that bag.



  1. I thought my water had a "slow leak" the first day of labor.....turns out I was peeing on myself for 24 straight hours. Awesome.

    You have some giant pads ready to go right?? :)

  2. Oh man, I was going to write something along the lines of "yes, jake is right... don't hesitate and so glad it was a false alarm" but to be honest, I can't stop laughing after reading Kaitlin's comment. Oh the joys I have to look forward to someday in the distant future. :) Happy rest of your bed rest!

  3. It definitely isn't glamorous, is it gals? Thanks for the comic relief.

  4. LOL to the above. You are still all belly and adorable. Stay in there baby!

  5. I was also a slow leak. My doc neverbroke my water and I never experienced a gush. Oh the joys of the last few weeks. Can't wait to do it again. I hope baby m stays in a few more weeks oh and kaitlin....I never knew they made pads tgat large until Hud was both. Ha


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