showered [x3]

let me just say...i can n o t thank my coworkers, friends and family enough for showering us with so much love in preparation for this little one.  i can't believe how set we are.  everyone really took care of us and they were so so generous.  jake has said that all of the gear sitting around has really made this real for him.  funny, because it was real for me abouououout...7 months ago.  but, he's a guy.  i love having everything in its place waiting for baby.  if you were a part of these showers...
we thank you from the bottom of our hearts

shower 1: work
all the sweets!  made by my coworkers!
diaper cake, by my friend, annita!
the spread [and the laminator].
my team.  thanks for the adorable shower!

shower 2:  jake's family/friends
theme:  bows or bowties? 
hostesses: pam, denise, tara, sarah
center-pieces and menus
each guest wore either a bow or bowtie...depending on what they think m&m is
cake pops!
the party favor...an adorable 'trail mix bar'!!
bags and ribbons for your trail mix...
everyone contributed a book to m&m's library.  we are so set on books!  love!
jake's sister, tara, and our nephew hudson.

the gear.  jake's family and my mother.in.law's friends were incredibly generous.
team girl.
team boy.
my mom, tara [s.i.l.], me, sarah [s.i.l.], denise [s.i.l.], pam [m.i.l.], beth [step mom]

the belly shot.  i was 30 weeks that day.

shower 3:  gal pals
theme:  little lamb
hostesses:  katie and katie [a.k.a. marge]

my baby pics.
marge made the yarn balls.
the spread.
the invite.
diaper cake by my step mom.

me and the fab hostesses.
all my gal pals.
 "dream big, little one" from my friend, emily.  so sweet.
and i will leave you with this picture of me and my father.in.law comparing bumps.
i think i was 29 weeks here.
stay tuned for a 33 week post.  yes.  that means i missed the 32 week post.  i am totally slacking.  it's the end of the school year madness!!!



  1. Oh my goodness, those showers are beautiful!! I love reading all of your fun updates :) My hubby and I are going to start trying soon and I am SO excited! I started another (secret..from family/friends for now) blog to write about it all :)


  2. oh my goodness, you guys are so spoiled with love!! Looks like you had a fabulous time and scored lots of presents. You are looking fab xo


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