34 weeks and maternity photos.

thank you to my friend, emilie, who was kind enough to snap a few maternity photos for us.  for a quick little session, it turned out perfect.  i was a little hesitant to get maternity photos, but a few people talked me into it and i'm glad we ended up doing it.

here ya go.  consider these the 34 week bump pics.

[p.s. the first day of bed rest wasn't so bad.  i had many visitors who brought me goodies ...and my dad and step mom came over to treat me to a steak dinner.  i'm feeling pretty good, minus some headaches, and jake comes home tomorrow!]

inanimate comparison:  a pineapple

maternity clothes:  a necessity.

stretch marks:  not yet. 

sleep:  not great. 
best moment this weeknot having a preterm baby! 

miss anything?:  i missed my last day of work!!  and, obviously, being on best rest...i miss not being able to get around.  but, it's for a good cause.  :)

movement:  go.go.go.

cravings:  icecream bars.

sickness:  gone. 

gender:  50/50

labor signs:  well, this took a whole new turn.  if you missed it, go back a few posts.  i still have some tightening if i am up too much, but that's why i'm on bed rest...and shouldn't be up.  i will get checked again thursday to make sure we aren't progressing more!

symptoms:  just plain ole uncomfortable.  but, again, for a good cause.

belly button:  still in!  well, maybe not "in"...but not out either.

wedding rings:  i'm down to just my engagement ring.

happy or moody?:  had a little anxiety with the scare, but i'm pretty happy and i know i'm in good hands.
looking forward to:  jake coming home tomorrow!!!!  i've missed him.  i'm also anxious for my appointment thursday!


  1. Emilie did a great job, love the pics, and of course you look awesome. Keep that baby cookin'!

  2. LOVE these pictures! You look great!

  3. Emilie did so great!! You guys look like one happy little family! Can't wait to meet baby....but I'm holding out for a little longer!! You look great!

  4. Love these pics so much. You will be so happy you have them later on. Hope you are doing well and Happy SUMMER!

  5. Sooooooooooo CUTE!! I love seeing your faces and the baby bump progress! Tell Emilie she did a great job!


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