no baby...yet

baby is still staying put and we're just 2 days away from 36 weeks.

i had my weekly appointment yesterday, so here's the details:

-well, i said "hi" to my doctor as she was scurrying out for an emergency c-section.
-that's ok, because she'd be there for me.
-so - i had to see the nurse practitioner [who i love] instead.
-got checked [not as bad this time] and...
-2 cm and still 90% effaced.
-officially off bed rest sunday!
-waiting to make the call on the procardia until i can see my actual doctor on thursday.
-the n.p. didn't want to make that call without being checked out by my doc.

my feeling...once i get up and moving, things might move right along.  i'm still contracting on the procardia but only regularly if i'm up and about.

it's june...and i think we're going to have a baby this month!!!



  1. My co-worker had her baby 4 weeks early, she was 3 cm & 80% effaced. But she was trying to be early, she wanted more maternity leave :-) she had a baby 5 days after her doc appointment. Good luck to you momma Lynz & baby M&M!

  2. I've really enjoyed following your blog (I'm from SGF, that first got my interest).
    I had my first 4 weeks early and he was PERFECTLY healthy. No NICU, no extra stay in the hospital. Just perfect.
    Praying you have the same experience.


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