30 weeks. huh?

sometimes, i really can't believe we are at this point.  call it pessimism, but after having a miscarriage, i was skeptical that this would ever happen.  i really have to remind myself, at times, that this is happening.  but i don't think i'm alone there.  all i know, is that i am so thankful that everything is healthy and we're right on track [i won't even knock on wood].

so, here we are...t h i r t y weeks.  10 [ish] weeks to go and i can't tell if i'm ready for this part to be over in 10 weeks or if i'm a wee nervous.  it's probably fair to say ...both, huh?

clockwise:  side view, mom wanted a front view, and my view looking down.
 inanimate comparison:  no longer a chinese cabbage, but a real cabbage.  ???

maternity clothes:  a necessity.

stretch marks:  still in the clear.  i'm going to tell myself that it's because i lather up with coco butter every night.  but...there are still 10 weeks to go.

sleep:  roll over, up to pee, roll over the other way...repeat.  honestly though, when i get comfy...i sleep pretty well!
best moment this week:  hitting 30 weeks.  and my first shower [which was really in week 29, but oh well] [see below].  also, we ordered a dresser!  pics of our work.in.progress nursery to come!

miss anything?:  i can't say that i do.

movement:  yes.  i've been trying to catch a cool video of my belly moving.  stay tuned.

cravings:  i just enjoy sweets... but that's nothing new.

sickness:  gone. 

gender:  50/50

labor signs:  maybe some braxton hicks.  like, one or two a day.  nothing painful.

symptoms:  ok [knock on wood] but the back pain has diminished during the day...for now.  i put heat on my back every night, so i like to think that has something to do with it.  or maybe baby has moved or shifted. 

belly button:  still in!  i thought for sure it would be out by now. 

wedding rings:  i'm down to just my engagement ring.

happy or moody?:  happy.

looking forward to:  the doctor again on thursday.  and lots of special guests this week, including my m o m whose coming in town for my second shower!!!!  ahhhh, yay!  i haven't seen her since christmas...i've put on some weight since then ;)

my work shower thrown by my [SPED] team.  homemade desserts and lots of fun gifts.  and the adorable banner made by a 1st grade teacher.  and!  my mother.in.law and sis.in.law came.  p.s. i've had my poor hair colored since the.  yikes!


  1. LOVE the chevron dress! The next 10 weeks are going to fly, can NOT wait to meet Baby Menz!!!!

  2. How exciting! Can't believe you're at 30 weeks already! Seems to be going by so fast!

  3. agree with marge - love the chevron dress and all the belly shots. those never get old. see you in a week!


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