28 weeks [and 4 days]

inanimate comparison:  thanks to my new iphone app...a chinese cabbage (see pic).

heh.  i wondered too.
maternity clothes:  a necessity.

stretch marks:  none.  i check every day.

sleep:  yes, please.

best moment this week:  officially hitting the third trimester.  so thankful to be at this point.

miss anything?:  i think i don't realize what i miss until i think about this question every two weeks.  i miss not having back aches but they're so second nature now that i barely notice [until they get bad].  i miss picking things up off the floor on the first attempt.  it usually takes 2-3 tries.  but, again...i don't necessarily notice.  jake asked me if having to pee gets old.  and that's another one.  i've gotten so used to the feeling of having to pee, that i don't even think about it.  ya just get up and go. 

movement:  i'd say m&m is on the spunky side, but i have nothing to compare it to.  movement is non-stop and the bumps keep getting b i g g e r.

cravings:  i just enjoy sweets... but that's nothing new.

sickness:  gone.

gender:  GIRL!!  [joke...still a secret]  it's interesting to me that boy has taken the lead on the survey.

labor signs:  maybe some braxton hicks.  like, one or two a day.  nothing painful.

symptoms:  back spasms and rib pain.  a bath is an absolute must each night.  i live for my baths.  it's no joke when they say that the first trimester can leave you icky feeling, the second is a breeze and then it starts to turn when you hit the third.  spot on.

belly button:  still in!  i thought for sure it would be out by now. 

wedding rings:  i'm down to just my engagement ring.  much less annoying.

happy or moody?:  happy and moody.  actually, not moody but tearful.  two nights ago, i just started crying in bed.  there was absolutely no antecedent to this cry-fest.  it just began and then it wouldn't stop.  jake was such a trooper.  i also cried in traffic this evening.  i could n o t be a commuter on a daily basis.  i also just have the most overwhelming feeling to want to be home.  i love home and being home ...and everything in my house ...and my dog ...and jake and i always just want to be home.  is that nesting?

looking forward to:  hearing that sweet little heartbeat tomorrow and piecing together the nursery that i have in my imagination.  update:  today, i want to get neutral bedding.  what the...?

fun with frametastic app. 



  1. You look so stinking cute with that little bump! I need to see it in person ASAP!

  2. I'm definitely not pregnant, but Brett and I feel the same way - we ALWAYS want to be home with each other and our fur babies. That's called being and growing in love with the family you've created together more and more every day and just not wanting to be away from it. That's what it is :) Love and miss you my cute little preggo cuz! Can't wait to see what the gender verdict is when baby M&M finally arrives!


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