And we have a crib....

so after months of searching and researching...we finally have a crib for this little m&m. thanks again to the book baby bargains (if you're pregnant, it's a must read) because it saved me from purchasing a crib with an f rating. luckily, I found something almost identical, for cheaper with an a+ rating!!! don't you love when you find exactly what you're looking for, for cheaper?? me too.

we ended up with this crib from the graco lauren collection. i wanted to go high end on a mattress (for safety), which is why we wanted to save on the crib.

oh! and check out this pic quality. Yep, that's because I finally got my iphone!!! no more crappy blackberry pics. good riddance. This phone is uh-mazing. ...but that's another post.

still can't really capture the true paint color in a picture.  also, the crib is darker than it appears here too.
on another note: i completed my glucose tolerance test today. cross your fingers that I pass. the drink wasn't as bad as sitting in an uncomfortable chair for an hour. baby m has really set up camp under my right rib, which makes sitting tricky.

28 weeks tomorrow.  holy moly.
i guess that's officially third trimester.  
i suppose i was a week premature when i mentioned that last week.

stay tuned for bump pic.

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