wild friday.

watch out.  i'm getting crazy tonight.


i'm a lonely hunter's wife tonight...and i am loving it.  yes, of course, i would always love to have jake around, but i don't mind quiet nights like these.

my plan:

eat crazy bowls and wraps.  jake doesn't care for it, so i only get it when he's not involved.

watch these.  the change up and our idiot brother.

craft with this paper.  can't say what yet.

snuggle with this one.

my fav blanket and my fav cuddler.

 p.s. a tip for the cold and flu season - buy a vaporizor!  my mom, a respiratory therapist, recommended it to me because of the terrible cough...and i didn't cough one bit last night.  mine also has this vicks vapor rub strips that go in it and it makes for an excellently warm vicks vapor mist.
this is the one i bought (minus the pediatric).  $16+ at target.


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