diy chalkboard wine glasses.

found these on pinterest.  duh.  link here.  i made them for my step.mom, who is a wino.

first, tape it off with painter's tape.
step two.  don't do this.  i started without priming them and this is how the paint looked.
so the real step two is to use a spray primer f i r s t.
then finish the chalkboard paint.

a few other tips:
--i couldn't find it, but spray chalkboard paint would have probably been more handy
--spray primer was easy as pie
--if you only have regular chalkboard paint, be patient.  it will smooth out with each coat
--buy $1 glasses from the dollar store
--be v e r y careful when pulling off the tape.  i went too fast on the first one and it peeled some of the chalkboard paint off



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