a doozy of a week/weekend

i've allowed myself one lazy lazy day today, because today ends one crazy week.

mon-fri:  if you know anything about sped paperwork and meetings, then you know that f.i.v.e. ieps in one week is just crazy.  for some reason, i did that to myself because i am case manager on all but one.  the upside?  i have none this week.  i also had the great privilege of having to get the car's oil changed.  i'm not sure there's anything i despise more.

wed:  i also had to find time for a little shopping.  for me.  had to find a cute dress for jake's office christmas party.  scored two at francesca's.  decided on one.  i guess i will return the other.

thur:  dinner at an amazing steak house called citizen kane's....on jake's account manager's dime.  jake had the filet and i had beef tenderloin with a brandy/mushroom reduction, an amazing salad, potatoes and...we couldn't pass on the chocolate chip cheesecake.  yum.  so hard to eat right during the holidays.  impossible, really.

fri:  we crashed.  i was spent.  we made a palate on the floor right in front of the t.v. and snuggled with remy (my fav) and watched dinner for schmucks [not my fav].

sat:  lolly-gagged around the house.  finished outside christmas lights.  shopped for jake's party outfit [scored big at kohl's].  this boy is big and tall.  16.5 in. neck, 36-37 arm length.  turns out marc anthony makes a great fitted dress shirt in precisely that size with no buttons on the collar [jake's major no].  then, we headed off to the old oprah house in downtown st. charles for an evening of mixing and mingling with jake's coworkers.  i, was s o b e r.  with our current efforts to expand our family, i've given up on alcohol.  so, if you know me...you might know that shooting the breeze with strangers when i'm stone cold sober isn't exactly my idea of a good time.  especially, when jake is mr. cogeniality.  thankfully, jake works with chris, whose wife happens to be my gal pal and we had eachother.  seriously though, i really do love that jake loves his work environment.  it's a great company to work for and they take care of their employees.  the night ended when the bars closed and i got everyone home safely.  people sure do love to question why you're not drinking.
terrible pic.  what did you expect?

3/4 length sleeve dress with cut out back (should have taken more pics...and not on my BB) and necklace from francesca's.  blazer from old navy.  jake decked out in kohl's from head to toe.  marc anthony to be exact.

sun:  it was a late night, so we had a lazy day.  there's been a lot of housewives watching going on.  jake's moving a little slow.  it is nice not to be hungover.
my view from the couch all day.
this week:  i plan to craft some christmas presents, do some christmas shopping....and visit little hudson.

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