diy coasters.

another pinterest craft.  i decided to make these for a few christmas gifts.

everything was purchased at lowes, with the exception of the card stock/scrapbook paper.  the guy at lowes was seriously so helpful.  i explained what i was doing and he said that two other people had been in asking for similar items.  so, he lead me right to what i needed and even reminded me that i was going to need the little felt pads to put on the bottom...pretty good, right?

rather than buying the reallllly plain and cheap $.89 tiles, i went for the box of 8 for $4.50.  they're a little more substantial and i liked the look much better.  oh ya, this link, tells you to use resin?  well, the lowes guy didn't know what i was talking about, but said any waterproof finish would do.

attach 4x4 card stock with mod podge.  then apply 2-3 coats of waterproof finish.
add your felt pads.
these were my favs.
the purple one is for a coworker who requested one.



  1. Very cute Lyndz!! They turned out great:)

  2. The 4 top coasters...your favorite ones... love them. Probably because I used that paper for a project in our casa. Good Christmas presents!!


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