lucky '13.

goodbye 2012.
hello 2013?
that's seems unreal.
it makes me never want to wish time away, ever again.
no wishing that that sleepless night would be over.
no wishing that she could just sit up in the cart at target.
no wishing that she could just have a conversation with me.
instead, i really want to relish in each moment and phase for what it is.
because, pretty soon...i'll want to be back here.

2012 was the year we became three.  it was the year that jake got a promotion.  it was the year that jake began to travel for work.  it was the year my niece went to kindergarten, our nephew turned one and we learned that we'd have another nephew!

13 has always been my number.  maybe because i like to be different and think of it as lucky, as opposed to unlucky.  so that's what i'm thinking this year will bring.  great luck.  and if not luck, even more happiness than we know what to do with.

happy new year.


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  1. Such a cute post....even cuter little lady!! Seriously, so stinking cute!!


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