nom noms.

 so.  as soon as little miss started cereal and subsequently, solids...i knew i wanted to attempt to make her food.  i had gotten some tips from friends and family who have done it, and before i knew it...i had a freezer full of a variety of foods and i had fun doing it!

it's cheaper.
it's healthier.
it's easier than you think.
it's fun!
and you know exactly what's going in their belly.

what you need:
something you can use to steam.
something you can use to puree.
ice cube trays.

what you do:
chop it.
steam it.
puree it.
add water (if needed).
pour it.
freeze it.
bag it.
date it.

mixed veggies and ground turkey
black beans.
peas and butternut squash
i've also made: applesauce, carrots, mixed veggies + brown rice, sweet potatoes, avocado, bananas and peaches.

i microwave two cubes for 60 seconds and voila...a healthy "homemade" meal for your little one!


  1. awesome! We are just starting to introduce solids. So far bananas are definitely her fave


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