the world according to drew | month 7

things are getting fun around here and i know there are so many exciting things to come!!

the world according to drew
i weigh 13 lbs. 'ish
i can wear size 1 or 2 diapers
i wear 0-3 pants and tops, and 3-6 sleepers
i am constantly doing a waving motion with my hands
i sleep from about 7:15 to 6ish
i nurse when i'm with mom or eat 6 oz. bottles
i eat solids/cereal twice a day
my favorites are: sweet potatoes, hummus and carrots
i'm not sold on fruits (unless it's bananas)
i am a pro at manipulating my paci and finding it in my crib at night
i don't have any teeth although i act like i might be on the verge
i shout to get attention
i love love love my play remote
i sit up for real
i still love the exersaucer and jumper
i enjoy standing
i smile when daddy gets home
i love to go back to sleep with mommy and daddy some mornings
i have a new obsession with remy and the feeling is mutual
i can don a pebbles pony
but i'm still bald as a bum in the back



  1. Sweet, Happy 7 Months Drew!! xo

  2. So sweet! I love that she loves hummus! I'm going to have to try that one with Xander, great idea!


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