post share & quick grammy trip.

i had to share this post that i came across.  
she said everything so well and it made me cry...good tears.


in other news...my mom came to visit from ny!  the trip was short and i had to work, but let's be honest...she came to see drew.  grammy got to babysit for three whole days and, while we think little pickle might be teething (that's a whole other post), they had so much fun!

our "thanksgiving" dinner out.
grammy overfed my child. 
we miss you, grammy.  see you in march.

**while i'm at it though...please give me any teething tips you may have!  jeepers!



  1. We have had a lot of luck with an amber teething necklace and humphreys teething strips. Good luck!

  2. Teething tabs, tylenol, teething tabs, frozen washcloths, and Hylands teething tabs!!!

  3. That was my post above that posted anonymous

  4. My little guy is teething right now also... it's horrible I feel so bad for him.

    I nominated you for a Liebster Award!



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