the world according to drew | month 5

no doc appt this month but daddy weighed me and i'm about 11 lbs. 6 oz.
i still wear 0-3 clothes and some newborn pants (believe it or not) 
i wear size 1 diapers (we actually really like target brand)
i roll all over the place, back.to.belly and belly.to.back!
everything goes in my mouth
i sleep roughly from 8-6...roughly
i'm eating oatmeal cereal and loving it
i am still nursing
i take 5 oz. every 3-5 hours
i giggled for the first time this week
my arms aren't swaddled any more but my feet still are
i roll on my side to sleep, most of the time
i'm pretty content and smiley
my eyes are changing a bit to be more hazel
still have red hair and lots of it
i kick my legs like a bucking bronco
i'm into taking a paci again (mommy thanks me)
i have a fiery little squeal if i'm kinda ticked off (must be the red hair)

in related news...
before and after shots from our first cereal.  10/23/12
her first wedding.  jake's bff, steve.
just modeling a little head band by spoiled n sweet bowtique for glory photography.
we sort of dressed up for halloween.
  i will leave you with this one.  it's hard to believe how much has changed since month one.  she's still eensie weensie but she was just so tiny with no meat on those little bones.  yay for rolls!


  1. I just realized our babies aren't that far apart my little guy was born June 12th. Your daughter is adorable!

  2. Love, love, LOVE seeing photos of this little cutey patootey! Less than 2 weeks!!! :)

  3. What a peanut! My boy (born June 27) was 15lbs at 3 months!! :-) She is adorable!


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