the world according to drew | month 6

say what?  s i x  m o n t h s? 

i feel like i need to start planning her first birthday.  not really.

here's what's [been] going on in drew's world.
- i weigh 12.5 lbs (2nd percentile)
- i am 25" long (22nd percentile)
- i've grown 4" in two months!
- i wear size 1 diapers
- i'm somewhere between 0-3 and 3-6 clothes
- i babble all of the time and figured out how to make raspberries
- i "fake cough" to get attention
- i giggle
- i have no interest in sitting up but i like to stand (assisted...see pic below)
- i love the jumper and exersaucer
- i transfer toys from hand to hand
- e v e r y t h i n g goes in. my. mouth.
- i have a diva like scream if i'm pissed
- amidst all the toys, my favorite thing is a good ol' measuring spoon
- i reach out for mommy
- i've started to prefer mommy over daddy (she's got the goods)
- i still nurse when i'm not at the sitter
- i am a paci girl, especially when i'm  a sleepy pickle
- i've been loving sweet potatoes, squash and cereal
- and peas and carrots
- i just tried pears and peaches and they're a little too sweet
- i'm about to start two solids a day!
- i sleep 8-6:45ish (most nights)
- i'm a pretty good napper (once i get to sleep)
- all in all, i'm a pretty happy lady
- ...and i'm cute as pie!

sit up?  no thanks.  i'd rather stand.
these are the outtakes.  there were more of these than there were good ones.
my little alfalfa.
in other news...
my bff, katie, had her baby on 11.30.12
she just happens to be drew's bff
she just doesn't know it yet.
introducing, baby avery
just a tiny little peanut at 6 lbs. 3 oz. and 19 in.
she's her mommy's daughter.
holding her, i really could n.o.t. fathom that drewbie was that eensie weensie at one point.

halfway to a year.  what will the next six months bring?


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