on work and breastfeeding.

work | i wanted to get some real time under my belt before blogging about my feelings of being a working mom.  in a nutshell, it isn't as bad as i thought it would be.  day 1 definitely had me more anxious than anything.  i have been prioritizing and balancing things pretty well and it's definitely doable.  now...those weeks when jake is out of town [for work] and i'm working and taking care of a wee one are kind of tricky but we make do because we have to.  i have some great family who constantly offer help and a dad who will cook me a steak dinner on a tuesday just because jake's gone!  my sitter friend takes care of drew like she does her own and i have winter/spring and summers breaks to look forward to.  do i miss her?  terribly.  but a schedule that changes on the half hour, makes for a busy and quick day.


breastfeeding | the first week she was born, i actually said to myself, "if i make it a month i will be proud".  now...i have to say i'm loving it.  is pumping at work twice a day a little taxing?  yes.  but here are some benefits i've found [aside from the normal/obvious ones].

-- while it is time consuming, i get to "check out" for 15 min. two times a day and check facebook.pinterest.instagram have a little time to myself [thankfully, right now, my schedule allows this]
-- i get to hang with my tiny lady while jake does other things like dishes and laundry, you know...because "i'm tied up at the moment"
-- i get to be the last to kiss her goodnight
-- if when she gets up anywhere from 3-5 am, there are no bottles to be made as i sleep walk to her room
-- easy on the wallet
-- easy on the waistline [i may nurse forever for this reason alone, as i still eat like i'm pregnant]
-- i have an excuse to eat an extra 500 calories a day

my happy little pickle butt.



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