the world, according to drew:

i weigh approximately 10 lbs. (home scale)
i finally wear size 1 diapers
i still wear newborn clothes, but wear some 0-3
i haven't lost any hair...i keep getting more!
i think it's safe to say, i'm a red head 
my eyes are still gray.blue
i play with my hair while i eat
i sleep 10:30-6, eat...then sleep again for about 3 hours
i eat about 4 oz. every 3-4 hours and i'm nursing really well!
i love to move; i love the swing and vibrating seat
i'm swaddled with one arm out
i hold my head up excellently
i'm showing interest in rolling over
i coo all the time and smile like crazy in the morning
i scream when i get out of the bath because i love them so much ;)
unless i'm really sleepy, i only want to be held facing outward
i love the baby bjorn with daddy
i love sitting in daddy's "snake pit", watching sports.center
i'm starting to reach for things and when i get them, i can't let go
i have two little rolls on my legs...finally.

that is the exact same onesie since month one.  :)  but, we are growing!
i caught her mid sneeze

a little boppy tummy.time

 we spent some time with drew's cousin, hudson [almost 10 months], this holiday weekend.  there's quite a difference in size, but these two will be in the same grade!  ...and hopefully, good friends.

"that hair looks fun".
10 mo., about 22 lbs | 3 mo, about 10 lbs


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