last weekend, the gal pals got together to celebrate three happy and healthy little ladies over at life treasured.  we tried to take the opportunity of having all the kiddos together to get a picture of, what we call, the pups.

i'd say we get an A for effort.

audra, hadley, mackenzie, drew (chillin)
hudson, audra, hadley, mackenzie, drew, crosby
drew was being a trooper in the chaos of tears and bribery with puffs.  hudson was fast!
and my friend, emily, was smart enough to take a video of the meltdown.
sorry it's the wrong way...i'm not techy enough to figure out how to change that.  you get the hint.

it will be exciting to get together when all the kiddos are a little bigger.  hopefully, there will be fewer tears.  how fun that we have 6 pups so close in age...and 2 more on the way!


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  1. Love this! We should have given everyone a puff now that I think about it...maybe attempt number two at Crosby's party? Can't wait to watch all of our kiddos grow up together!:)


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