lights out little bits.

you live and learn as parents, right?
and then you read.
because you have to know what it is that you're doing wrong...

turns out babies don't work like other grown humans.
you would think, the more sleep during the day = less at night.
on the contrary...the better sleep/wake balance during the day = a better night's sleep.

some nights were good.  we would do bedtime around 10...maybe 10:30 and she'd get to sleep by 11ish.  and stay asleep.  then, other nights...she'd be crabby from about 8:30 on...and fight and fight sleep until she tuckered out.

after researching, i'm thinking that her internal clock is probably ready for bed somewhere more around that 8-8:30 time.  when she gets fussy.

friends told me about this "early" bedtime and i thought it was more about convenience.  now, i get it... [cue lightbulb].

so, i'm going to give this a better try.  ....and then i'm probably going to have to rework things just as soon as i go back to work...but that's ok.

she's worth it.

and, here's a video of drew fighting nap time yesterday.



  1. Bed times are so hard to figure out! The later ours stay up, the earlier they seem to get up. So 7:15 it is and they sleep as late as they would if we put them down at 10...strange birds! And those little sounds she's making...precious!

  2. Oh my goodness! I am sorry the sleep thing is a bit challenging, but I LOVE the videos! She is so cute, Lynz! You guys did good.

  3. Same with our little one, Abbey. It doesn't matter what time he goes down, he wakes up at the same time. 7am. So we shoot for in the crib at 7:30. You guys will figure this out, I'm sure sooner than later, you are doing great!!!

  4. This is true of mine as well. Also the better they nap during the day the better they sleep at night, if they are over tired they sleep fitfully and don't get good rest. I did the same thing you were doing with Zach until I got tired of keeping him up and gave in only to realize it was better for everyone! :) Good Luck! ~ Jen Zelch


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