no words.

i can't believe she's here and she's ours.
it's no joke that you think every little coo, cry, smile and toot is the most precious thing ever.
i can't get enough.
i love every ounce of her more than i thought possible.
and jake...he's amazing.
and the second he held her i loved him even more.
such a proud daddy.

just a few things to share today and then stay tuned for other posts about all the questions:  the birth, sleep, breastfeeding and all that.

clockwise from top left:  daddy time, drew's cousin hudson, totally in love, a tiger snooze on our first day home.
and here are some amazing things that my gal pal, audrey, made for me.  i can't wait to frame them for the nursery.  she rocks my socks off.  and no, she still doesn't have an etsy page or website :(



  1. Being a mommy is the.best.thing.ever. The moment I saw Zaiden I fell in love. The love only grows stronger from here. When I saw Justin holding our little boy for the first time I fell deeper in love with him. Daddy looks good on him. It is true every little thing they do is just the most precious thing ever. Drew is an absolute doll, so beautiful! Congratulations!

  2. Thanks for the shout out friend! Loves! Keep the pictures coming :)


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