some quick answers.

thought i'd answer a few questions i've gotten lately...before i'm able to sit down and write the story of how drew made her appearance.
  • did you get off the medicine? - no.  i was exactly 36 weeks and was to continue the medicine until thursday, june 7th.  i had just taken it that evening, before we went to the hospital.
  • did your water break? - yep.  no mistaking it this time!
  • did you have a c-section? - nope.
  • did you get an epidural? - yes.
  • are you breast feeding? - yes, but i will go into this more in another post.  it's been quite the process.
  • is she considered a premie? - miss drew is what they call a "late term premie" [36 weeks]
  • did she need any special attention? - just took a little time to get that body temperature up before we could really snuggle her.
  • what did she weigh when you left the hospital? - 4 lbs. 14 oz., then at the doctor the following wednesday, she weighed 4 lbs. 14.5 oz. and then again that friday...she was the same.  last report, on monday, she was 5 lbs. 1 oz.  so close to that birth weight!
  • what percentile does that put her in? - miss drew is a peanut.  1st percentile for weight and 3rd for length.  thing is, i can't remember if that is compared to other 36 weekers, or other babies who were 4 days old.  either way, we just want to see her grow on her own curve.
these past few days we've taken many trips to the pediatrician, and our first family walk.  we've enjoyed having jake home for a week and a half and we've done a little tummy time.

 i promise to sit down and write the birth story 
within the next two days.



  1. Aw she is so stinkin' cute :) I love her name! :)

  2. In love. Can't wait to hear the birth story and about nursing. You are a great momma no doubt

  3. Nursing is definitely.....interesting in those first few weeks and months. It DOES get better. Promise!


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