...is this thing on?

you might be adjusting your eyes, considering it's been about 8 months since my last post.

turns out that working full time and trying to give the rest of your attention to your toddler and husband is tricky.  plus, if i pulled out the computer at all in the evening it was to write an IEP, not a blog post.


the tables have turned a bit and i've found myself on bed rest....again.  oh and, i guess if you're just a follower of making.a.menz, as opposed to fam or friends i should say that we're expecting another menz...btw.  woot woot!

this pregnancy had been pretty much identical to my first ...until about 30 weeks.  then, the blood pressure sky rocketed...i started having some pretty iffy contractions...swelling ensued and the baby was breech.  doc put me on one week of bed rest but things improved and i talked cried her into letting me go back to work.  cut to- a week and a half later and the blood pressure was out of control again...which sent me to the hospital...which brings me to where i am today.  my couch.

no other major signs of preeclampsia yet.  just a baby that likes to keep me on (or should i say off) my toes.  so here i am at home.  trying to basically work from home... which, yes, is impossible when you're a therapist.  but i have nightmares of IEP dates, evaluations and data collection.  so, i'm trying to do what i can.  we're still sending miss drew to the sitter (who is a stone's throw away) and it's totally weird to be home without her.  but...orders are orders and i have to keep her little brother or sister cooking a bit longer.

so, before i get my microsoft word back on to make sub plans until the cows come home, i will leave you with this list of differences between a first and second pregnancy.  enjoy.  it's good to be back.*

-pregnancy one: look at my cute little 13 week bump starting to show
-pregnancy two: a bump at 9 weeks?  am i carrying quadruplets?

-pregnancy one: bought crib at 20 weeks
-pregnancy two:  33 weeks- we should probably consider buying something this little human can sleep in

-pregnancy one: washed every bit of baby clothing in dreft.  twice.
-pregnancy two: these newborn clothes passed the sniff test.

-pregnancy one: weekly bump pics on the blog.
-pregnancy two: do not, under any circumstances, take my picture.

-pregnancy one: absolutely no sushi, no lunch meat, no wine, no caffiene.
-pregnancy two: wellllll....

-pregnancy one: car seat installed at 30 weeks by the fire department
-pregnancy two: just throw the pumpkin seat in the trunk and we'll install it as we leave the hospital

-pregnancy one: cocoa butter on the belly every night and twice on sundays
-pregnancy two: who has time to put on lotion?

-pregnancy one: hours of sitting in bed waiting for perfect little baby kicks
-pregnancy two: if i get kicked in the ribs one more time...!

-pregnancy one: bed rest?  this is amazing!  feet up.  dvr.  naps.
-pregnancy two: chasing the toddler who is running with a fork constitutes bed rest, right?

in all seriousness, we are super thrilled to be expecting another little menz.  this little one will get all the love and attention and kisses and snuggles that miss drew got.  (i know how it can feel to be the second born!)  and we'll be ready to go when that time comes.

...just gotta go order that crib.

*i use the term "good to be back" lightly.  i make no promises to be "back" to blogging.  maybe for the remainder of my bed rest days, but there are no guarantees after that!  don't they say two kids is really like 20?


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